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SMC, Seoul Merchandising Co., Ltd

Licensing is
The power behind sharing ideas
The power behind bringing past legacies to the present
The power behind sharing ideas that overcome generations and race, through the form of culture.

Licensing enterprises utilizing characters and brands are not difficult to run.
SMC help the industry’s specialized companies to share with consumers the horizon of expectations through delicate interpretation of intellectual properties.
SMC (President: Jusung Lee) has been licensing national and worldwide prominent publications, music, media, and trademarks to Korea and overseas, since the founding in May 1997.
Since the brand licensing of Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy League universities from 1997, we are now licensing properties in Republic of Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many more.
As for character licensing, we have licensed the publication of “Dooly the Little Dinosaur”, and published and merchandized “BBoong BBoongy”. Furthermore, we have also introduced such renowned programs as “Hi, Noddy”, and “Blue’s Clues” to Korea.
Since 2011, we have been licensing the brands of 13 of most prestigious European football clubs including Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, and AC Milan. Moreover, we are now licensing some of the world’s most celebrated IP’s and brands which include “The Moomins”, and “Bonobono”.

We at SMC are doing our best to establish a licensing enterprise that can connect our ideas to the globe and global ideas to us through character and brands.

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