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About the Author

Moomin was created by the late Swedish Finnish author Tove Jansson. Tove spent much of her adolescent life near the sea and archipelagos with her grandparents, and such surroundings became a major influence for Moomin stories. Studying art in and around Finland and Sweden, she grew up to be an artist adept both in art and literature, and her most notable works include Moomin literature series [The Moomins and the Great Flood], [Comet in Moominland], and adult fiction [The Summer Book]

The Story of the Moomin Troll family, who live in the woods of Moomin Valley

Celebrating its 73rd anniversary in 2018, the Finnish national character Moomin is created by Tove Jansson. The original Moomin Novel series revolves around the stories of the Moomin family and their friends who live in Moomin Valley. The heartwarming stories feature the hedonistic and optimistic protagonist Moomin, Snork Maiden, who loves to doll herself up, Moomin Mama who can pull anything out of her bag, Moomin Pappa who always answers the call to adventure, Moomin’s best friend and vagabond Snufkin who travels south during the winter, and Little My, who’s small enough to fit in a fruit basket.
Since the publication of the first novel [The Moomins and the Great Flood] in 1945, Moomin novels and children’s books have received unending love from the public and a separate series was featured on the popular London newspaper The Evening News in 1954.
As the flagship children’s book of Scandinavia, Moomin is introduced to and loved in 33 countries, and 104 episodes of Moomin animated series were broadcasted in most of Europe and Asia, making a name for the character as a global gold standard. In 2015 the animated feature film “Moomins on the Riviera” was released in theaters around the globe in celebration of Moomin’s 70th anniversary, and a new 52-episode CGI animated series will be released in 2019.



Marketing Point

01. Scandinavia’s Flagship Character Moomin

* Finland’s national character, pure and clean national image
* Design and color palette of Scandinavia everyone loves

02. Moomin’s story key words ‘family, love, adventure’

* Based on series of novels centered around stories of the Moomin family in Moomin Valley
* Original literature, children’s books, and artworks from graphic novels with myriads of stories

03. Target Audiences

* Core Target –Adult(20~30)
* Sub-Target – Infant & Children(3~12)

Merchandising is at full force in Moomin’s birthplace Finland and all around Europe, and Japan. Adored by everyone around the globe for 70 years, Moomin’s licensed products range from stationary, dinnerware, apparel, groceries, cosmetics to Moomin Café, Moomin Shop, and Moomin World (theme park).

In Korea, Moomin has been merchandised into books, stationary, dinnerware, bedding, apparel, and digital items through Seoul Merchandising Co., Ltd. Aside from general goods, SMC has diversified the Moomin licensing business through Dunkin Donuts Christmas promotion, Lotte World Mall Moomin festival, and Moomin Musical. SMC will further passionately pursue marketing and promotion to share Moomin’s stories of peace, love, and freedom.

Product Overview

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