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Dick Bruna, father of Miffy

Miffy was created by the Dutch children’s novelist, illustrator, and graphic designer Dick Bruna. Dick Bruna has started working at his family publication business A.W. Bruna & Zoon as a designer in 1951, and created 2,000 pieces of book covers and posters over 17 years. While working at the publishing company he also designed the covers for Zwarte Beertjes series of books. Dick Bruna started writing Miffy series of books from 1955, and published 124 volumes over 60 years. He always had compassion for children, and used his gift of artistry for UNISEF, children’s hospitals, and other institutions. Utrecht, Netherlands is symbolized as Dick Bruna and Miffy’s hometown, and his home and the Miffy Museum can be found there. Bruna’s zodiac symbol is rabbit, as if by fate, and he passed away on the 16th of February 2017 at the age of 89.

Pure, positive, brave, Miffy

Miffy was created in 1955 after Bruna had been telling his one-year-old son, Sierk, stories about a little rabbit they had seen earlier, while on holiday at Egmond aan Zee. The character resembled a toy animal with floppy ears, but has changed her appearance over 60 years. Miffy’s Dutch name is “nijntje”, meaning little rabbit, and the English name Miffy was made so any child can easily call her. Miffy is 6 years old, like most of her readership, and she’s a brave little bunny who is pure, positive, and likes trying new things.

Sold 85 million copies worldwide, Miffy’s picture book series

Dick Bruna kept Miffy’s original picture book series with 16cm by 16cm in dimension for 60 years. The picture book format, also known as “Square book”, places illustrations on the right page and 4 lines of texts on the left. The last words on the 2nd and 4th lines are also aligned vertically so children can get into the rhythm. Characterized by simple lines and warm colors, Miffy picture books feature pictogram-like illustrations so any reader can catch the gist in a glance, and the text is written in sans-sarif typeface which has no unnecessary curves. The original Miffy picture books are translated into 50 languages and have sold 85 million copies worldwide.

TV series broadcasted over 70 countries

Miffy’s TV series started in 1992, with 78 episodes of 2D animation, and in 2017, 78 episodes of a new 3D CGI animation called “Miffy’s adventure Big and Small” was broadcasted. Every new season of a new series is a testament of Miffy’s global popularity, and they were broadcasted on such renowned channels as Japan’s NHK, China’s CCTV, and America’s Nick Junior.



Marketing Point

01. A certified character that has been loved worldwide for more than 60 years

* Since the birth in 1955 picture books and TV series were consistently made to this day
* A traditional character that 3 generations can relate to

02. Educational qualities

* Miffy picture books symbolized by simple lines and warm colors
* Experts analyze the books as beneficial to children’s EQ

03. Flexible design developments

04. Target

* Core Target: baby toddler& parents
* Sub target: children& young adult

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