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About the Author

Mikio Igarashi, the creator of Bono Bono, is one of the most noteworthy graphic novel artists in Japan, who is said to have determined to be an artist at the age of 5 by divine revelations. Debuted at the age of 24 with , he abruptly took a hiatus only to return in 1986 with Bono Bono. His 2 years work was published by Takeshobo, which earned him the status he now has.

About Bono Bono

“Bono Bono”, written and drawn by Mikio Igarashi, first saw its light in 1986, and 43 volumes were published by Takeshobo ever since. Over 10 million copies were printed from volume 1 to 36. Popular not only in Japan but all around the world, Bono Bono has been made into various illustrations books, film comics, original guide books, and collections of storyboards, and Korean fans first met him through the original comic book series published by Seoul Culture Co.
Kiddyland, a Japanese character merchandize store, has created a section for Bono Bono, and featured an autographing event with the author, and exclusive fairs – something worthy of a second golden age.

TV series, Theatrical Releases

Cornerstone of brand awareness, Bono Bono Animation
Aside from comic books, TV animation series and theatrical cartoons are released in DVDs, which proved to be very popular.
1. TV Animation: Just as exciting as the comic books, Bono Bono’s TV animations were broadcasted in Korea on KBS 2, SBS, Tooniverse, and Daegyo Children’s TV. A new series was made in April 2016, and its broadcast was confirmed on Tooniverse in holidays 2016.
2. Theatrical Animation: 1993 released in theatres / 2002 3D animation released / 3rd animation in the works.



Marketing Point

01. Familiarity through 30 years of history and broadcast

02. Distinction

* Characteristic products can be developed using distinct and unique personalities and colors of the characters and simple design

03. Cute / Popular / Funny

* Using vivid colors blue, pink, and brown, targets both male and female demographics
* Familiarity through comics and cartoon
* Contents both children and adults can enjoy

04. Age Target

* Adults (20-30) who were exposed to comics from the late 90’s and cartoons from early 2000’s are the main target. Unlike other characters, popular among male consumers
* Core Target – teens to adults (10-30)
* Sub Target – children and infants (6-13)

05. Distribution

* Department stores / specialty stores / outlets

SMC are licensing Bono Bono in such diverse categories as plush toys, stationary, food products, and digital items
-Promotions include CU PPeppero Day, Lotteria, and Sinsago
-Bono Bono makeup products, basic cosmetics, and cleansing line launched (sold in Korea, Taiwan, and Russia)
-Poky, leisure ware, smartphone cases, mobile games, eye masks, app themes, pet products, coloring books, socks, digital emoticons, etc.

Product Overview

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