Characters : Baby Bonobono

Characters > Baby Bonobono

Bono Chan (Baby Bono Bono)

Bono Chan is a prequel of sorts that celebrates Bono Bono’s 30th anniversary about when Bono Bono and friends’ were babies. It is centered around baby Bono Bono who can’t do anything yet, and Bono Bono’s dad’s tumultuous raising of his child.

Publications and broadcasts

April 21st 2016 published
November 28th 2016 published
May 29th 2017 published
October 28th 2017 first Bono Chan animated episode aired (Bono Bono episode 81)
November 4th 2017 published
2018 published
2018 ‘Baby Bono Bono’ aired on Tooniverse as a sequel to Bono Bono



Marketing Point

01. A different story

* Celebrating his 30th anniversary and a solid fan base, Bono Chan tells Bono Bono’s fresh and inimitable stories
* Centered around dads struggling to raise their children, active themes include beauty, cuteness, healing, and paternal love.

02. Age Target

* Women in 20-30 who are attracted by cuteness, young parents aged 20-30, kids & family

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