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About the authors

Writer: Hiroyuki Aihara
Born in Sendai, Miyashiro prefecture, graduated from Waseda University, Japanese literature.
<Rin and Green>, <Jackie’s Treasure> and other works

Illustrator: Nami Adachi
Born in Tajimi, graduated from Tama Art University, graphic design
<Bunny and the Snowman>, <Rin and Green> and others

Picture book ‘The Bears’ School’ series

The Bears’ School has sold 2.1 million cumulative copies up to 2016. The beautiful watercolors from the illustrations fill the pages with glee and its very presence becomes an interior item. The books revolve around daily stories of 12 bears. Celebrating its 15th anniversary next year, The Bears’ School will distribute the 15th anniversary commemorative artworks, and plan to open various events.



Marketing Point

01. A marriage between watercolors artworks and a standard bear character

02. Universal world building, contemporary details accentuated

* Archetypal elements of children’s world: bears, school, friends
* Unique elements such as fabric and color combinations
* Picture books capable of becoming an interior item by its very design

03. Age Target

* Core Target – women in 10-30’s
* Sub Target – infants and toddlers

04. Distributions

* Department stores / specialty stores / outlets prioritized

Celebrating its 19th anniversary this year, ‘The Bears’ School’ has become an iconic character in Japan. Annual royalty in Japan nets ¥10 billion, and merchandize are expanding centered around plush toys, stationary, children’s apparel, and food goods. The cause for success can be accounted for Jackie’s cute demeanor, high quality design and products that reflect the world view, and refined collaboration events. ‘The Bears’ School’ merchandize was launched in Korea by SMC, and products such as picture books, plush toys, stationary, bedding, cell phone accessories are introduced. Grand-scale promotions are further planned for the future.

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