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About the Author

Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) is considered one of the most well-known children’s novelists in the world. Her books were translated into 96 languages and over 150 million of her books have been sold, and movies, TV series, and cartoon adaptations are also made. Leaving behind 155 total works, her manuscripts are on the UNESCO World Heritage. Writing from children’s point of view, Lindgren also often talked about serious matters like illness and death. She showed interest in social injustices, especially in children’s rights, nonviolence and animal and environmental care.
Her works such as <Pippi Longstocking>, <Emil>, <Ronja the Robber’s Daughter>, <The Brothers Lionheart>, <Karlson on the Roof>, are a testament to great Swedish literature. Lindgren is also a very renowned playwright in Sweden. Since 1947, she was credited as a writer in 6 different TV shows (40 episodes in total), and even written a theme song
Lindgren’s most notable work is <Pippi Longstocking>. When her young daughter Karin fell ill, she said she wanted to hear a story about a girl with long stockings. Lindgren wrote the story and sent it to her publisher on her daughter’s 10th birthday. Pippi was modeled after Karin’s freckled redhead friend, and her books soon became international best sellers.
Pippi’s personality resembles that of her daughter Karin’s. Pippi only does what she wants and doesn’t respect those who don’t deserve it. What’s intriguing about her is that unlike other children, Pippi enjoys solitude after playing with friends. Pippi wins all the games she plays but never boasts about them. Instead, she yells “I am the strongest girl in the world – keep that in mind!”

Celebrating her 70th anniversary in 2015, Pippi appeared on Sweden’s 20 Krona note. Astrid Lindgren’s workshop, Pippi museum and theme park are found in the author’s hometown Vimmerby, Sweden.



Marketing Point

01. Sweden’s national character ‘Pippi Longstocking’

02. Emphasize Strong/Independent/Funny

* Distinct concept of ‘the strongest girl in the world
* Numerous stories of Pippi Longstocking which have been published in 96 languages
* Artworks that show off Scandinavian design and colors

03. Colors on artwork all interchangeable

04. Age Target

* Core Target – Infant & Children (3~12) / Adult (35~45)
* Sub-Target – Young Adult / Age 13~22

05. Distribution

* Department stores / specialty stores / online

Merchandizing is in full effect not only in Sweden but all around the globe, with products including books, apparel, toys, home ware, gifts, and party supplies. Myriads of items have been merchandized by SMC since 2016, and more marketing and promotions are on the way to spreak Pippi’s adventurous and thrilling tales.

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