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About the Author

Lisa Larson has started working at a porcelain factory in Gustavsberg as a ceramic designer in 1953. There, she worked as Sweden’s most prominent freelance designer and sculptor until 1980 and worked on 320 projects. In 1992, she has established Keramik Studio Gustavsberg, named after her place of work for 26 years. Her works are popular around the globe. Larson’s daughter Johanna is developing artworks using the original works as motifs. Her artworks combine Lisa Larson’s characteristics with distinct Scandinavian colors, inspiring licensees all over the world.

Modern Scandinavian design, Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson’s designs are worm and soft. They also accentuate Scandinavian features, with clean and eye-catching native colors. Figure designs including simple and majestic animal series (Little Zoo, ABC-girls, Matilda, Africa, children of the world) have a great fan base not only in Sweden but in Japan and worldwide.


Marketing Point

01. Scandinavian Modern Design, Lisa & Johanna Larson

02. Lisa & Johanna Larson’s illustration series

* ‘Cats’ series
* ‘Dogs’ series
* ‘Baby Animals’ series

03. Age Target

* Core Target – Young Adult (20-35) / Adult (35-45)
* Sub-Target – Infant & Children (3-12)

04. Distribution

* Department stores / specialty stores / online

Lisa Larson has gained recognition not only as a ceramics artist but as an illustrator over 26 years. Through exhibitions and systematic licensing, her works are merchandized into publications, apparel, home ware, and stationary in Europe, Japan, and others. Lisa Larson’s versatile design goes with all categories like apparel, dinnerware, stationary, and accessories. They have started licensing with SMC in 2015, and developed merchandize include children’s undergarments and apparel.

Product Overview

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