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Boasting fans not only in Japan but Europe and Asia, Shinzi Katoh has produced more than 10,000 design products over 30 years. He designed various products including stationary, bags, tableware, shoes, books, apparel, plush toys, jewelry, and digital contents. He has recently done a collaborative project with Disney and Hello Kitty, and it was assessed well as a unique reinterpretation of the characters. Shinzi Katoh has published more than 25 picture books on Kodansha, Sony Magazine, Gakken, and others, and some were selected as recommended books for children. His global warming awareness campaign Solar Bear was also proven very popular.

Shinzi Katoh’s unique design

Shinzi Katoh’s brand products can be seen as works of art. Landscapes, animals, and portraits are the most used motifs for his work. His creative and modern works are well received not only in Japan but overseas as well, and he is recognized as a trendsetter of fashion and lifestyle designs.


Marketing Point

01. Sensational design that resemble works of art

02. Designs based on familiar stories

* Stories include Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel
* Illustrations from children’s books reimagined with Shinzi Katoh’s vision

03. Age Target

* Core Target – young adults (20-30)
* Sub-Target – teens, 40’s

04. Distribution

* Department stores / specialty stores / outlet stores

Shinzi Katoh actively participates in various design projects over the world and his works are used everywhere.
As his illustrations attracted audiences overseas, the market has expanded to the point that Shinzi Katoh products can be seen in the USA and the UK. In Korea, Shinzi Katoh products are sold in convenience stores and supermarkets.
SMC has developed such products as stationary, dinnerware, children’s undergarments, bathroom slippers, smartphone accessories, plush toys, umbrellas, and online items.

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