Ivy League brand : Yale

Ivy League brand > Yale

Five US presidents sent one high school, Yale



World renowned colleges, liberal academic traditions
Established in 1701, New Haven, Connecticut, Yale has a reputation for its academic and liberal traditions. The school is also known for its prestigious law school, art school, and the school of drama, which has birthed numerous movie legends.


Alumni include 5 US presidents and 52 Nobel Laureates.
Founded under the motto of Lux et veritas (light and truth), Yale has graduated such eminent persons as 5 US Presidents, 52 Nobel Laureates, 19 Supreme Court Justices, and movie stars.


Cradle of America’s elite culture
Yale’s alumni are key members of the America’s elite, and act as pioneers for the elite culture. America’s oldest university art museum, the Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and the sports team symbolized by Handsome Dan the Bulldog, have become symbols for America’s arts and sports culture.



University color, Yale Blue


Also known as Handsome Dan, Yale’s Bulldog was chosen in 1889 as the school’s mascot. Handsome Dan is the first university mascot in the US, and today Handsome Dan XVIII waves the flag for the school’s sports teams today.


Yale’s school motto ‘Lux et veritas’, and the shield can be utilized


Marketing Point

  • High-class
  • Smart
  • Classic
  • Preppy
  • Sporty

01. Transcending academic images, expand the American elite culture to the public

02. Young Power / Simplicity / Sport Casual

* Young Adult culture
* Simple designs
* Practical Sport Casual
* Unique Fashion Brand Image
* Long term Marketing

03. Age Target

* Core Target – Young Adults / Age 13-22
* Sub-Target – Infant & Children (3-12) / Adult (23-35)

04. Distribution

* Department stores / specialty stores / outlets

Product Overview

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