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Seoul Merchandising Co., Ltd (SMC)

Licensing the power to share ideas,
Contenmporary heritage of the past to share power,
Across generations
and ethnic culture in the form of power is to share ideas.

Seoul Merchandising Company focuses its representative business areas on charater and brand franchising activities. Suth activities include Publishing, Merchandising, Home video, Tie-ins, TV support of various properties of animation, as well as trandemarks and other intellectual properties over the world.
Since its launch in 1997 by Jusung Lee, the company has introduced numerous licensed characters from abroad into Korea market.
Most notably, in 2000, SMC has localized "Blue's Clues", making it number one kids show among pre-school markets ahead of any other competitive programs in ratings.
SMC has leveraged strong relationship with local TV broadcasters, home video distributors, publishers, numerous potential merchandising sub-licenses with excellent distribution records, and tie-in promotion partners such as Kellogg, Pizza Hut, and Burger King Korea.
Over the years, SMC established respectable reputation by specializing high quality franchising business through a thorough synergy market management. SMC has also demonstrated the ability to implement programs to maximize financial retums of its licensors.
The company has evolved into a full line character merchandising business. the mission of SMC is to fine out to provide quality, value properties, and eventually bring new opportunities and profits to its partners home and abroad.

SMC through the characters and the brand business world by our thoughts,
I think ore world is connected to the busuness is committed to licensing.