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1997. 5. 1

Establishment philosophy

Seoul merchandising Company Co., Ltd.(SMC) culrures of the world, Characters through new value creation,
was founded with the goal of sharing

  • 1999

    June  Licensing Agent for ?Stray Sheep?
              (Fuji TV, Japan)

    Jan.  Publishing Agent for ?Gaogaiger? and ?Wataru?
              (Sunrise, Japan)

  • 1998

    Nov.  Licensing Agent for ?NODDY?
              (BBC & Enid Blyton Limited, UK)

    Aug.  Licensing Agent for ?REIDEEN? of sunrise

    Jan.  TV rights for a clay animation ?Kokki?

  • 1997

    Nov.  Publishing Agent Agreement for TVanimation series
              (Sunrise, Japan)
              Licensing Agent for ?Jim Borgman? characters

    Oct.  Brand Licensing Agent for
              ?Harvard University Trademark Programs? (USA)           Brand Licensing Agent
              ?Yale University Trademark Programs? (USA)

    May  SMC Established
              Publishing Agent for the ?Little Dino Dooly? (Korea)