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Bono Bono


Mikio Igarashi decided to become a cartoonist from the age of five and debut at 24 years old. In 1984, he returned to work of “Bono Bono” for two years and “Bono Bono” comic book series has been published by TAKESHOB since 1986. “Bono Bono” became a huge hit and won Kodansha Manga Award in 1988.

· Bono Bono - Comic Book Series

TAKESHOB has published “Bono Bono” comic book series by 41st since 1986 and about ten million copies of the books have been sold. Movie and television animation and various book publishing is done. Both in Japan and Korea, “Bono Bono” became standard character. The original comic book series was published by Seoul Media Group in Korea and has been loved by Korean fans.

· Bono Bono – TV Animation

It has been 30 years since the series started in 1986. 30 years anniversary new animated series is started broadcasting in Japan, Fuji TV every Saturday afternoon. Tooniverse will broadcast new animation in Korea from December, 2016.

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