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Bono Bono

· Bono Bono

Bono Bono is hero of “Bono Bono” comic book series. Bono Bono is full of incessant curiosity in his mind. He always carries a shellfish in his hand. His special abilities are ‘apologizing’, ‘be alone’ and hobbies are ‘making his father fall down’, ‘seriously being worried about one question – Is it real that my father is my father?’

· Porori

Porori is Bono Bono’s friend. When he says ‘Are you going to beat me up?’ or even before he says so, Neoburi beats him. His friends say that he cannot become independent if he carries walnut, but he always holds walnut. He never gets timid even if Neoburi keeps bothering him and sometimes he becomes very brave.

· Neoburi

Neoburi is friend of Bono Bono and Porori, but he enjoys bothering Bono Bono and Porori. He is the most practical character, so sometimes he doesn’t understand what his friends doing. He seems strong on the surface but deep down he is quite sweet heart.

· Fishing Cat

He always stays and sleeps in the cave. Everything is mystery, but his turbulent story will be revealed. Sometimes he gives answer to Bono Bono and his friends.

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