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Writing : Hiroyuki Aihara (Left)
Joined Bandai in 2000, he conducted various research/surveys including on children and characters while he released comments and essays on newspapers, magazines and TV. He planned and developed original characters and in 2001 he launched the Pict. Book, a picture book label, in 2002 releasing the the bears' school, which has become a best selling book of 300,000 copies in two years.

Painting : Nami Adachi (Right)
Graduated from Department of Graphic Design of Tama Art University. Joined Takara, a toy maker in 1998 and engaged in Steif business. After that, she pursued her career as an illustrator and a designer as well. Entered Bandai in 2001, she joined the launching team of the Pict.Book in the Character Research Center and designed various goods. In 2002, she released the the bears' school, designing in charge and conducted stuffed toys and goods design, too.

· the bears' school


"the bears' school" is about the life of 12 living bear cubs at the dormitory on the top of a mountain. More than 2,100,000 copies of the book have been sold as of 2016 since the first book was published in August 2002, and the series have been unprecedented hit in the picture book market in Japan. In France, the first and the second stories have been published in October 2004, and the third story will be published in May 2005, and some plans of publication are in progress in other countries. "the bears' school" is getting popular all over the world now. The world of "the bears' school" has been produced not only in picture book. Any sorts of its original such as stuffed postcards, audio books, CDs, etc.

Upcoming 2017 is 15 years anniversary of "the bears' school" and 15 years anniversary artworks will be released.

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