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· Cheburashka (Чебурашка)

Cheburashka used to live in tropical forest. He slept in a box of orange and it was shipped to Russia. Cheburashka always wonders where he was from and how he came to Russia. He has brown hair with huge ears and eyes. Cheburashka is full of curiosity and tries to challenges the world. He knows that the world is interesting playground if there are no worries.

· Gena (Гена)

As he commutes to zoo, he gets into cage by himself and read books and newspaper. He is lonely crocodile. He likes to play accordion singing a song. A song from animation film called "Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena" very popular in Russia and it replaces birthday song in Russia.

· Galya (галя)

When Gene became friends with Cheburashka, Galya comes to them with a stray dog. Galya would like to be an actress in local kid theater

· Masha (маша)

Masha wants to perform circus walking on a single rope. Gene supports Masha and Cheburashka cheer her up. Masha shows that how rope circus is difficult to perform.

· Shapoklyak (шапокляк)

Shapoklyak wears old clothes and hat. She is wicked character bringing rat, which is her pet. She always interrupts kids having hope, but fails. It seems like she has certain conviction in evil conduct.

· Lion (лев чандр)

He is friends of Cheburaska and Gena. He is quite and calm.

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