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· Marketing Point

01 The most well-known Swedish character, Pippi Longstocking

02 Strong/ Independent/ Funny girl!
* Clear concept 'the most strongest girl in the world’
* Various episodes translated into 96 languages so far!
* Unique artworks which shows Scandinavian colors

03 Age Target
* Core Target – Infant & Children(3~12) / Adult(35~45)
* Sub-Target – Young Adult / Age 13~22

04 Distribution
* Department store / Specialty Store / Online

Merchandising products such as apparel, toys, homeware, and gifts are actively developed not just in its homeland, Sweden but all over the world.
In Korea, it was introduced by SMC, Seoul Merchandising Company for its merchandising from 2016. SMC is planning to proceed more active marketing and promotions to introduce the adventure of Pippi Longstocking.

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