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Lisa Larson

· Lisa Larson

Larson was born in 1931 in the south of Sweden. She studied at College of Crafts and design in Gothenburg 1949-54. Then, she employed at Gustavsberg porcelain by the Artistic Director Stig Lindberg. Larson left Gustavsberg in 1980 to work freelance for a number of Swedish companies including Duka, Kooperativa Förbundet and Åhléns. In 1992, she founded Gustavsberg Ceramic Studio with a few of her old colleagues. In the studio, new design and small scale production still takes place.

· Modern and simple Scandinavian design, Lisa Larson

The design of Lisa Larson is warm and soft. Also, it shows Scandinavian emotion using outstanding primary colors. Moreover, its simple but charming animal series figure designs (Little Zoo, ABC-girls, Matilda, Africa, children of the world) has lots of fans not just in homeland, Sweden but also in Japan and all over the world.

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