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Lisa Larson

· Marketing Point

01 Modern and simple Scandinavian design, Lisa Larson

02 Lisa & Johanna Larson’s illustration series
* 'Cats' series
* 'Dogs' series
* 'Baby Animals' series

03 Age Target
* Core Target – Young Adult (20 ~35) / Adult(35~45)
* Sub-Target – Infant & Children(3~12)

04 Distribution
* Department store / Specialty Store / Online

The works of Lisa Larson has achieved its fame for illustrator as well as ceramist for over 26 years.At present, there are exhibitions of her and many merchandised products such as apparel, tableware and stationary in Europe, Japan and all over the world. Lisa Larson has chosen SMC as the master agent in Korea from 2015.Now child apparel, child underwear, bag and phonecase has been developed so far.

Lisa Larson official website :

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