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Elizabeth Soo

· Illustrator, Soo-kyung Kim

Illustrator, Soo-kyung Kim has 10 years of experience as a designer in a fancy company. Every artwork of Elizabeth Soo was shaped into squares. 'NEMO' means square in Korean and Elizabeth Soo's illustration conveys well-known fairytales through NEMO.
Elizabeth SOO’s illustrations are based on well-known fairytales, such as 「Alice in Wonderland」, 「Snow White」 and 「Little Red Riding Hood」. Elizabeth Soo's illustration has various concepts and wide range of categories.

· Story of Nemo Planet

There is a Nemo planet whose all things are squares. In that planet, all creatures such as trees, clouds, house and even people are shaped into squares!
In east apple orchards, there is an old castle. Princess Mame lives in the old castle with Ulichi who is a fastidious wolf, palace guard eagles, and pink snake. In the area, animals and human are living together.
There is an emerald colored lake near the south end of planet. The gleaming lake is as beautiful as the white snow that people call it ‘the snow lake’.

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