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The bustling city of Tampere now surrounds this key location, but back in the days, the only thing moving around there was the wind. James Finlayson, a Scottish machine engineer received a tip from a friend about a place in Finland, where the Tammerkoski rapids ran wild and free. Finlayson founded a cotton mill on the banks of the rapids, which was to become one of the most significant textile companies in the country; and it still retains his name.

· Social Enterprise

The factory building's structure was radically new with its six stories, and soon after the construction was finished, the first machine-woven fabrics were produced. As was the practice at the time, the company took care of its employees. First some homes for workers and a school were built in the mill area, followed by a hospital, library as well as a church, and a sickness fund was set up. The workers started their own cooperative store in 1900. Finlayson was a "city within a city".

· The symbol of textile company

Finlayson studio, founded in 1951, was in the first wave of Scandinavian fabric design to conquer the world with its original, minimalist, colourful and fresh approach. Considering all this, it is easy to understand why Finlayson is still by far the most loved home design textile producer in Finland. Perhaps the thousands of charming and memory-evoking patterns have their role in the story that lives on and arises again with the new owners, courageous and open-minded, in a way that would make James Finlayson, the company founder, proud.

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